Monday, March 22, 2010

Digital Convergence

Digital Convergence is exactly what it sounds like. It is the converging, or coming together, of several digital devices or services. In the world of technology, we have come so far. Just throughout my lifetime, I have gone from lugging several cumbersome devices with me when I travel to now only having one or two very small and compact devices that fit into my palm. It amazes me that Apple is coming out with an even more high tech, sleek device that carries everything to keep you entertained for days. Apple’s iPad is not the only device to converge all types of media. Computers, tablets and laptops now have webcams and speakers to talk live to other individuals that could be halfway across the world. Amazon’s Kindle allows consumers easy access to books at their fingertips. PDA phones work like computers, giving consumers the chance to jot down grocery lists using Microsoft Word on their phone. Smart phones, along with PDAs have access to internet where individuals can check email and watch videos. It’s a long tail; the places we can go with media and digital information is endless.

When you think about it, the merging together of technology has to come from the monopolization in big corporations. For instance, AT&T offers telephone service, cable/interactive television programming, and wireless phone service. Through their wireless service, AT&T has tag teamed with a leading company, Apple, offering a cell phone that has the ability to store and play music and videos, like an Mp3 player, and surf the internet, like a laptop or computer.

Consumers love these new devices. Many are easily amazed by the appearance while others gain an electronic high from the specs. Even in this recession, the demand and sales of fancy digital converging devices seem to grow. Corporations remain on top because everywhere consumers go; they are constantly feeding us with more “stuff.” Free applications on these devices are made for sharing. In my opinion, it shows the human side of a world full of electronics. These non profit creators find pleasure in sharing things they find useful at no direct price to others. I just love how the internet allows people to share their creativity with the world. This democracy given to individuals will only help create an even more creative, innovative and longer tail.

In 10 years, I expect many upgrades to the same devices available now. The devices will just be much smaller and transportable than they already have become. Ten years ago, I never thought I would have a cell phone that allowed me to watch videos, television, movies, read books, listen to music, play games, calculate my tip for the waiter, type homework, read email and surf the web at the same time. In ten years, the technology that will be in will be whatever is small and fast. Larger devices will not need much use and since handheld devices are becoming so readily available, they will be able to do anything you need them at a rate quicker than thoughts. It is hard to keep kids paying attention in class now so I can only imagine the difficulty when devices are so small and discreet, like they will be in the future.

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  1. What a fascinating blog to hear a person I assume to be in thheir twenties describe how technology has affected your life. I know that when I was in my twenties everyone had beepers and they were huge at first than became smaller and then obsolete. I can remember my first experience using my Packard Bell with only 33 megahertz and lan lines with AOL; I thought WOW how cool to use the internet! I agree that in ten years we will probably have some type of pod physically installed under our epithelium and there will be no need to carry any device. I beleive as you do that the "Long Tail" is so vast and these devices in one package like my "iPhone" is so awesome and; I can fax, email, recieve orders, scan, surf the web, and I can't wait to be able to read online textbooks for college,too.