Saturday, February 13, 2010

CReATive CoMMons

Creative Commons is licensing that makes it possible to share creations online for free. There are six free licenses that legalize the sharing of text, audio, video, art, photos, and music online.

List of Licenses

The question may arise whether Creative Commons takes away the Copyright of an individual or organization but it doesn’t. A person still is licensed under his or her Copyright; however, Creative Commons allows exceptions. Others are allowed to get your permission to use your work. Creative Commons opens the window to sharing your work worldwide via the web.

Josh Woodward is an individual who is using a license under Creative Commons to share his work with whoever is interested in using it. The only catch is that they must attribute their work back to Josh. This is a way to get Josh Woodward’s name and creative works out for others to tweak, remix, use, download or enhance.

The idea of Creative Commons is amazing in my opinion. I think sharing is caring, so I am all for anything that legally allows individuals to share online, for free. I think it’s beneficial to all parties because the one using someone else’s art has more availability and choice of artwork to use while the creator of the work gets their name spread. The one who created the work usually doesn’t mind, anyway, if others use their work, but use of creative commons licensing allows internet sharing to become legal for everyone involved.

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Scott Fisk


  1. Your blog post is really informative about the licenses. Especially the first image that lists the different types. I better understand the types of licenses thanks to your post.

    I agree with you that this kind of copyright licensing allows for people to get proper credit for their work and positive exposure. More work would be available this way and others would get inspired after seeing others' creations.

  2. Great choice for the image at top. It's good graphic to show how CC works.

    It's really important to note that while CC is free to the person who created the original work - that does not mean that the original work is automatically free for anyone who wants to use it - even if the original artist gives a "share alike" license.

    A service like Jamendo makes it easy for one independent artists to find an affordable license from another independent artist. The person who uses the original artists work may still have to pay a fee to that artist.

    CC makes it easy for the user to find a license they can use. The fee may be really low - for something non-commercial and low budget. But, the original artist may still choose to ask for a larger fee for something with a large budget - even when the user is a non-profit, non-commercial entity.